House Plans

There are 2 options here, one where you go with a builders floorplan which is normally one they’ve built many times before or you can engage the relevant professional to create a bespoke plan.

You should have some idea of what you can build so that you dont have any unreasonable expectations with the builder or designer you go with. There are a lot of regulations the limit what you can build however there things that can be done to maximise this.

Things to consider for your Design


Sunlight – You will likely want a lot of natural sunlight in the areas you will spend the most time ie. Living, alfresco, kitchen areas.

Passive heating/cooling – You can save on costs by considering passing heating and cooling from the sun so that you dont have to run you air conditioning/heating unit on. There are a lot of useful tips in the Your Home Government website – Passive Design

Source: © Beaumont Building Design

Services Location

An afterthought is normally the location of the rainwater tanks, A/C and hotwater system. You want to consider the following:

  • Clear access – Ideally have all these large external items on one side of the house so that you have clear access to the back garden for things like your lawnmower, rubbish bins and landscaping machinery. After your build you may need a bobcat or digger and you would need in many cases 0.9m and larger to get to the back otherwise theres a lot of manual work which is costly or you may need to go through the house.
  • Window positions – You may not have a wall thats long enough to place a rainwater tank without either blocking a window or putting it in clear sight at the front or back of the house.

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