Electrical Plan and Home Automation

When you plan for your electrical fit out you need to have a good idea of what you want in your home before the appointment otherwise you will likely feel rushed and miss items. Electrical items can be costly to change or add to later on depending on their location so its important to have a good understanding of how you will use your home both now and in the future.

Areas to Consider for Lighting, Power, Security, Sound, etc.

Think about how you will use your home at different points of the day and for special occasions. These might be

  • Driving up to your house what lights would you want on the driveway and surrounds
  • Entering the porch area should there be a sensor that turns on the lights when its dark
  • Opening the front door where will the switches be
  • Walking down a passage will you want to turn on/off the lights at either end
  • Walking up the stairs will you want to turn on the lights and turn them off when you get to the top.
  • Pendants to voids could be expensive to add later without scaffolding
  • Do you have elderly people staying with you who might need dim lighting in the middle of the night.
  • Watching the TV, how many lights would you want to be on
  • If you have a pool have you provisioned circuits for the pool and heat pump.
  • Are garden lights important and would you want different parts to be lit up
  • Taking out the trash or bringing in the washing you will want lights in the dark
  • Having a power outlet near the driveway or all corners can help if you want to use a power washer
  • Single vs 3 Phase Power – If you have large A/C units, or other items that draw a lot of power having 3 phase will be critical.
  • Home theatre provisions could save you the trouble of opening up the walls if you decide to add this much later
  • Waking up in the morning would you want the blinds to open automatically
  • How much automation do you want
  • Are you planning to charge items in drawers or cupboards
  • Do you want targeted lighting to highlight any areas like feature walls or dining areas


For tips on lighting and where to place them head over to Lighting Tips and Ideas for a New Home

Downlights and provisions

Builders will normally allow for a single oyster light per room and may include a handful of downlights for the home. Almost all people will prefer to have downlights throughout their home and the costs can add up quickly as you can easily use between 50-100 in your home depending on your size.

To reduce the cost you can ask for the downlight to be provisioned which means the hole and 413 electrical socket will be provided and all you have to do is buy the downlight, push it through the hole and plug it in as its a standard plug (an electrician might be required to do this but theres mixed viewpoints on this). Its common for people to do this and doesnt take any skill to do this. Builders will use downlights that cost around $10 so you can save a lot by doing this yourself or you can spend the difference on wireless lighting or ones with different colours. Some electrical companies wont allow this and they might only provision a batten.

Home Automation

Electrical Pricing

Lighting & Fans

Downlight Provision (90mm hole and 413 socket)$65-70
Pendant Provision (incl. timber support)$95
External Wall Batten Provision$107
External Up/Down Lights$255-275
Ceiling Fan Wiring$250
Ceiling Fan – 4 blade, white (No light)$320
Ceiling Fan – 4 blade, S/S for Alfresco$350
LED Strip Lights (single kitchen run) – with dots
(not incl. kitchen cabinet recess cost)
LED Strip Lights (single kitchen run) – with no dots
(not incl. kitchen cabinet recess cost)
Junction box for lighting (eg. steps lights)$95
Lighting & Fans

Sockets and Switches

Light switchFree
2 way switch$100
3 way switch$150
Sensor connected to light points$250
Double GPO$65
Double GPO + USB$150
External Weatherproof GPO$120
External Weatherproof GPO (Black)$140
Switch to a GPO$85
Isolation switch double pole
(for induction cooktop)
1 x 20A JBOX on separate circuit$170
Sockets and Switches

Data, TV and Security

Foxtel incl. data point (Cat6)$300
Free to Air TV Point$150
TV Antenna on Roof$520
Cat 6 Data Point$150
Cat 6a Data Point$220
Pre-wire CCTV System; 4x Cat6 Camera Cables & Network Line$620-706
Pre-wire Additional Camera Cat 6$150
CCTV for Camera System$2000
4 sensor alarm with 2 remotes$1440
Pre-Wire Video Intercom$355*
Intercom with 1 screen$1200
Data, TV and Security


Surge Protection$500
Additional light or power circuit (30 lights per circuit, 15 plugs per circuit)$170
Oven Circuit – Provision$240
Induction cooktop – 6mm circuit 32A$320
Future Pool Junction Box, 20A on separate circuit$340
Future Pool with Spa Junction Box, 32A on separate circuit$350
1 x 25mm conduit run from Meter box to roof space for Solar
3 Phase – 32A Provision for EV (Electric Vehicle)$680


Projector Provision – 1 x 40mm conduit from D/GPO to TV Point fitted with a Bullnose plate set
and draw string
Bull nose wall plate (for conduit cables behind wall)$115
Speaker Cabling for Ceiling Speakers 1 single pre-wire$100-111.50*
Speaker Cabling for Ceiling Speakers 1 pair pre-wire$223*
Speaker Cabling 7.1 Surround Sound pre-wire$855*
50mm Conduit for wall mount TV, incl Brush Plates$149*
50mm Conduit for Ceiling Projector, incl Brush Plates$249*
8 Way TV Multiswitch (Free to Air and Sat Foxtel)$375*
Home theatre cabling


Upgrade standard exhaust to 2 Heat IXL$280
Phone Point$150
RG6 Cable$105*
Motion sensor – Basic$110
Motion sensor – 360 degree$250

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