Great Sources of Information for building a New Home

Social Media


Builder Groups

These are a small list of groups that have lots of customers that comment about how their builds are progressing, ask questions about inclusions, photos of items of their house, feedback on the builder and many other topics.

You dont have to be building with these companies to join and lots of people do so they can get ideas for their home or to investigate the builder further.

General Groups


Lots of people put the progress of their build on Instragram in a separate account and this can help give you inspiration for your project or inform you on how builds with that company progress over time.

Trades and designers use Instagram to give you an idea of their work as well as inspiration for your own build.

Heres some interesting pages:


  • Product Review – You can see lots of reviews on a builder in here however it doesnt always give a true representation of what the builder is like. A lot of builders have clauses that dont allow disparaging remarks so you may not always see a negative review here. The Facebook groups give a more accurate picture.
  • Homeone – You may find some information on the builder in here but its also a good place to get more information from others in a forum on building a home
  • Pinterest – Great for getting inspiration

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