Steel or Timber Frame Comparison

Steel Frame
Timber Frame
Steel Frame
Steel Frame

The choice of Steel vs Timber frames comes down to more of a personal preference between the two. Consider the following when deciding which type of frame material to choose.

Termite protectionSusceptible to termites but a termite barrier is installed to combat this.Pest free
Hanging ItemsEasy to install items with standard screwsSpecial screws and drilling is required
Straight wallsBows can be found depending on the tradesman usedStraight walls are standard
NoiseNot an issueSome people have reported noise from expansion and contraction
CostSimilar to each otherSimilar to each other
Fire ResistanceSusceptible however timber can be treated for thisRetains its shape with higher heat than timber
AssemblyCan be built on site to measurePre-built to exact measurements
Future ModificationsTimber can be removed and added toIt’s more difficult to change a steel wall and add to it if you want to do an extension in the future
Thermal EffectDoesn’t conduct heat so it doesn’t transfer heat or cold through the frameA good conductor of heat and cold so insulation is more important however the frame itself will have gyprock attached to it which cant be insulated on its own.
The new NCC 2022 requirements will apply to thermal bridging in steel frames may be costly to mitigate
MouldLess risk of forming condensation on the framesDue to condensation on the steel mould and rot can form within the walls. This is related to the thermal bridging in steel frames.
Sustainability / Embodied EnergyMore sustainable material with less embodied energy used to produceProduction of steel frames is more carbon intensive to produce
OtherA common brand is TRUECORE steel
Timber vs Steel Frames