This site was built to help others who are going through the same new home building journey that I am on. Ive been researching building a new home since 2019 and have had a lot of people help me along the way. I enjoy helping other and I built this site as a way of paying it forward.

I was initially going to build a project home and was always told custom would cost 200k+ more so I never explored it. I stumbled on someone who used a project builder who builds custom homes and looked further into it and found there wasnt anything significant more about building a custom home this way as long as you consider an efficient building design.

I had looked at over 75 builders that included project, custom and local builders. I also went through over 150 floorplans and designs in great detail before deciding on what to build.

I previously lived in a new build (we bought it after it was completed from a builder) and it had major water leaks from lots of different areas (mostly from the walls and retaining walls). This happened over a 7 year period and I learnt a lot along the way about construction and waterproofing and that sparked my interest in learning more about the details of building.

I hope this site helps you with whichever direction you choose and if theres anything missing or incorrect I would be grateful to know about these through the comments section.